Cloud computing power moves closer to the device.


More and more devices send, receive and process data across multiple industry segments: For example, to enable cars to communicate quickly and directly with each other and with the road infrastructure in the future, we need edge computing and the infrastructure of the new 5G mobile communications technology. Research on this topic is proceeding at ...

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New tech to prevent Li-ion battery fires


Materials scientists from NTU Singapore have found a way to prevent internal short-circuits, the main cause of fires in lithium (Li)-ion batteries. Billions of Li-ion batteries are produced annually for use in mobile phones, laptops, personal mobile devices, and the huge battery packs of electric vehicles and aircraft. This global battery demand is...

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Researchers develop programmable photocatalyst


Chemical reactions can be controlled using coloured light by means of an intelligent photocatalyst developed by researchers at the Chair of Physical Chemistry at FAU and the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces. The colour of the light determines which programmed chemical reactions are triggered by the photocatalyst. The researchers have...

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The Vast Little Library Inside of Your Cells


 The human genome can be thought of as a massive library, containing over 20,000 different "instruction manuals": your genes. For example, there are genes which contain information to build a brain cell, a skin cell, a white blood cell, and so on. There are even genes that contain information about regulating the genome itself—like books that ...

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Explanation for Unusual Isotope Patterns


In the Guaymas Basin in the Gulf of California, MARUM researchers detected hydrocarbon gas patterns that could not have been generated by known formation pathways. They were able to simulate the hydrocarbon formation in the laboratory. Their study has now been published. Hydrocarbons, which are an essential component of crude oil and natural gas, f...

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Murray Darling Basin water rights: the psychology of allocation


 Researchers at the University of Adelaide's Adelaide Law School are surveying Murray Darling Basin stakeholders about their beliefs regarding water trading and ownership of water rights to help inform future policy. "There has been much consultation about the legal rights regarding water allocation and ownership but very little research has b...

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